The Fight Against Illiteracy: Why You Matter


Reading and writing are indispensable skills nowadays and it seems impossible to survive without knowing either one of these abilities. But the same cannot be said for one in ten individuals today. The recent global literacy rate stands at 87% which means at least one in ten people is unable to read and/or write.

  • Illiteracy is not a single problem – it is akin to a black hole for, without the ability to read and write, an individual’s chances of success in today’s environment can be hugely low. An interesting (and yet painful) observation is that illiteracy, poverty, and other social problems are closely linked to each other. To survive the battle against illiteracy, our brothers and sisters from across the globe need the help of whoever can share.

    This is where you matter.
  • The fight to win illiteracy calls for resources – funding, talent, and time. Individuals and organizations can extend their financial resources to continue funding literacy programs and ensure students and teachers have the resources to continue education. Volunteers can share their time and skills to teach others.

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