The Causes of Homelessness in People


Every person has a right to shelter or housing. However, not all people can enjoy this basic human right due to the prevalence of homelessness in various parts of the globe. This has been a major concern that continues to plague society.

Various factors may give rise to homelessness. These may include:

  • Unemployment.
    A person unemployed for a long period may find it difficult to pay their mortgage loans or even save up to buy a house.
  • Lack of Affordable Housing.
    With high prices of housing coupled with low pay, it becomes hard for a person to find quality housing as it limits their options.
  • Domestic Violence.
    Women and children are primarily the victims of domestic violence and consequent homelessness as they are vulnerable to experiencing sexual, physical, or psychological abuse, prompting them to run away from home.

If you intend to volunteer in Delaware to help women, children, and other homeless families in having a shelter to live in, Eamo Health Foundation can help fulfill your advocacy.

Our charity organization in Wilmington, Delaware, strives to take women and children to better heights by providing empowerment programs that will help unlock their potential to achieve a better living situation and help them reach their goals in life.

We have a housing program to find ways to give homeless people and those without permanent homes to have humble houses they can call home and sleep comfortably at night.

In sum, our non-profit organization offers various quality programs designed to address hunger, poverty, homelessness, and illiteracy, particularly in women and children. Together, we can make change happen.

To know more about our foundation’s programs, call us at 302-593-8053 or 302-565-7528.

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