The Benefits of the Housing Program Assistance


Housing that is both secure and adequate is a basic human necessity. Nonetheless, there are times when people need a helping hand to keep their homes from becoming unstable.

Having no safe place to call home can devastate one’s health. Many people experiencing homelessness have to deal with these and other health problems, and emergency assistance may be their only option for treatment in a crisis.

Moreover, it can worsen mental illness, which hinders efforts to resolve many other problems and prevents treatment for persistent physical health issues. The housing crisis also has far-reaching implications for various factors, including health and economics.

Eamo Health Foundation, your charity organization in Wilmington, Delaware, knows how challenging it can be when you have nowhere to sleep at night.

That’s why we strive to develop means to provide those in need with a modest dwelling through our housing program that they may use as a home so they can spend their nights in peace.

To realize our dream of a world without homelessness, we collaborate with a wide range of organizations and welcome anyone, even you, to become a caring volunteer in Delaware to bring aid and difference!

If you’re interested in what our non-profit organization does to help those in need, you’re welcome to contact us at 302-593-8053 or 302-565-7528 today!

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