Learning Life Skills: A Way to Empower the Youth


Developing a youth’s potential is very important to equip them with the right skills they can use in their adult life. An effective way to achieve this purpose is through capacity-building activities. This will empower and provide them with various opportunities to participate and connect with others in the community, while learning valuable skills in the process.

Among the criteria to ensure the successful implementation of empowerment programs for the youth may involve the following:

  • Incorporating into the teaching curricula various types of practical life skills that they can utilize in certain situations
  • Reserving a sharing time for some meaningful exchange of ideas and concerns, essentially affording them a chance to be heard
  • Providing support services that will serve as a guide in helping them make better decisions

Eamo Health Foundation is a charity organization in Wilmington, Delaware that advocates for the empowerment of both children and women with the primary goal of improving their quality of life and strengthening their skills and knowledge to prepare them for success.

We are a non-profit organization that strives to offer solutions to illiteracy, hunger, poverty, and homelessness through our programs which include modernized funding, education, training, trade, housing, and many more.

You can be part of making a difference in the lives of others. Sign up now as a volunteer in Delaware.

For further inquiries on our foundation’s services and advocacy, you can reach out to us at 302-593-8053 or 302-565-7528.

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