How You Can Gain More by Giving More


Giving is not a one-way street. Although it is a common perspective that the one who gives and the one who receives are separate entities, both sides can be on either end. This is why there is so much joy when we share what we have.

Gain happiness from the fact of sharing with others. When you share joy, you do not lose it – instead, your happiness multiples in value. Happiness is contagious and when you share what you have, you share the joy that the recipients receive.

Gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment. In the hierarchy of needs, achieving purpose sits at the top and it is ultimately the actualization of who we are. Our purpose goes beyond our goals and how we impact the lives of others.

Gain a feeling of community. We may have individual lives but every person shares the same planet. We may have different goals and aspirations but we are ultimately part of the same community.

There is more to Donation than just giving up – it is more about sharing resources and thriving with each other.

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